Milton Keynes Comedy Cow Festival 28th-30th July - Tickets from £10
                      Milton Keynes Comedy Cow Festival                       28th-30th July - Tickets from £10

Joke Writing

Joke writing with Brian and David

We’ve got a couple of sessions on the Sunday where you can learn a bit more about joke forms, and have a go at coming up with some yourselves!

Brian and David will take you through some of the basic rules of joke writing, then help you write and polish your own gags. And you may even get a chance to deliver a few (or have someone deliver yours for you!) in front of an audience later that day!

Brian has been running a successful stand-up comedy course in Milton Keynes for the last five years, with his students performing to 150-strong supportive audiences at the end of the course. David has generally hung about at the back, making smart-arse comments and terrible puns in equal measure. It seems to work.

You can read more about Brian’s Stand-up Comedy Courses (next seven-week set starts in September) at his website


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